Newly published London based Author Paul Griffin has spent most of his working life in the music industry as a musician/producer. He is a massive UK Comedy fan and grew up on a rich diet of comedy greats like Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, The Pythons and many others. He loves latter day day comedians/writers like Ricky Gervais and Jack Dee.....Paul has always written comedy material as a hobby and after encouragement and very positive feed back from a book publisher and friends has finally unleashed his work on the world....So far the response has been extremely positive and his own brand of UK comedy is being well received!!    CHECK OUT PAUL'S BLOG> 






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TRUE Short Stories from just Funny to Baffling and beyond!

 Plus Crazy Colonel Rage!!!!

A collection of 'real life' short amusing stories. The book is in three sections; Miscellaneous stories; Tales from Paul's time as a partner in a recording studio in south London featuring some of the fascinating characters he encountered and Colonel Rage (Retired ) a persona who hates modern life and views everything as a military man. The humour is dry, sometimes black and occasionally a bit silly but hopefully always entertaining.'

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'And They Say Smoking Is Bad For You'  

Paul has recently added a lot more stories to this book

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From Political Satire to Real Life Stories and Crazy Fantasy Humour. Paul has finally flipped his lid in this comic outing!

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